Sinseon Seolnongtang Korean Restaurant, Seoul, South Korea

We popped by here for a quick dinner while in the Coex Convention Centre area. The restaurant was occupied by Koreans with nary a foreigner in sight, so we thought that their food was bound to be authentically good.

Unfortunately, this was the one time that our Singaporean tastebuds couldn't take the authenticity of Korean cuisine. We got the Dolpan Sundaebokeum (10,000 Won for small) of pan-fried Korean sausage, essentially stuffed with pig's blood, rice, vermicelli, minced pork, green onions and garlic. We're not fans of eating blood, so this really made our tummies churn. Still, we saw many Koreans wolfing down this traditional Korean dish. They seem to really love this dish. Ah well, our local favourite of durians make most tourists' stomachs churn.

The exterior of the restaurant.

Sinseon Seolnongtang Korean Restaurant
957-13 Daechi-Dong
South Korea
Tel: 563 9863

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