Ban Ryong San, Seoul, South Korea

Other than Japanese cha soba, I'm really not a fan of cold noodles. So it was surprising that I took to Korean Cold Noodles.

At the concierge's recommendation, we went to Ban Ryong San, which specialises in Korean Cold Noodles.

We both got the Seok-Eum Myun (7500 Won), their signature Combination Spicy Cold Hamhung-style Noodles. Aged raw skate fish is served alongside savoury beef brisket and tossed in red chilli peppery dressing and topped with julienned pear, cucumber, half a boiled egg and pickled radish. This was refreshing, clean, slightly spiced and delightfully piquant.

Ban Ryong San
894-4 Daechi-Dong
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 3446 8966
Website: www.banryongsan.com/

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