Ban Ryong San, Seoul, South Korea

We were so enamored with the cold noodles at Ban Ryong San that we went back for a repeat visit.

We ordered Bibim NaengMyun (7,000 Won), spicy cold noodles with beef brisket this time. We loved how the noodles' refreshingly cool and crisp flavours were complemented by the sweetish beef and spicy chilli pepper seasoning.

We also got the Hwe NaengMyun (7,000 Won), spicy cold noodles with raw skate fish. This was just as delightfully refreshing as the other cold noodles with beef.

The Wang Mandoo (6,000 Won), Jumbo Dumplings wasn't very good though. They were a little too bland for our liking.

The dumplings were stuffed with ground beef and pork, green onions, bean sprouts and pickles. We didn't like the taste of the pickles in the dumplings as well.

The dumplings were served with a side of complimentary Kim Chi, which weren't very good. This tasted a little flat, and the cabbage was a little too sour, like it'd gone off slightly. Also, despite its fiery hue, the kim chi wasn't spicy enough.

The exterior of the restaurant.

Ban Ryong San
894-4 Daechi-Dong
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 3446 8966
Website: www.banryongsan.com/

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