Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer finally brought back their Raspberry Viennese ($4.90)! I love the buttery, airy-fairy biscuits sandwiched with rich vanilla cream and tartish-sweet raspberry jam.

These heavenly sandwiches were so crumbly and light, you almost don't feel any guilt eating the biscuits. Please note that this runs out really fast, so be sure to buy a couple more than you think you want.

This is the toffee variation, Toffee Viennese ($4.90). The buttery biscuits are topped with a layer of decadent caramel and then covered in premium milk chocolate.

This isn't as sickeningly sweet as most caramel-based confectionery. I love how the burnt sugar edge of the toffee cuts through the rich sweetness of the milk chocolate. Please be cautioned that this gets all over your fingers when served at room temperature, which the BF likes. I prefer it refrigerator-cold, so there's no sticky mess.

Marks and Spencer

252 North Bridge Road
#02-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6339 9013


Stargirl said...

*drools* they look real good!

Bern said...

And they taste even better! I polished off a box each in one sitting! Hahaa.

Charlene said...

Yummy the Toffee Viennese reminds me of Tim Tams! Ever tried those before? :)

Bern said...

Tim Tams are like the pure chocolate versions of M&S toffee viennese. I prefer Tim Tam's dark chocolate range to the original milk chocolate ones though, less "jelat"!

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