Fresh Burger, Seoul, South Korea

We wanted something different from the usual Korean food, so we headed to Fresh Burger for some Korean-style burgers. This is South Korea's version of Japan's MOS Burger.

I got the Mushroom Burger (5,200 Won), a juicy handchopped beef patty with fat plump mushrooms smothered in sweet barbeque sauce. I got barbeque sauce all over my fingers, but I didn't care because it was finger-licking good! A pity it was a little too small for greedy ol' me. It's just as well, I shouldn't be eating that much junk food anyway.

The BF got the mouth-watering classic Cheese Burger (6,500), which was equally delicious.

Like I said, each burger was really quite puny, so the BF was still hungry and got a couple more burgers. The BF also got the Bulgogi Curry Burger (5,200 Won). The marinade-sweetened beef was incredibly tender and juicy, and the mildly sweet curry sauce complemented the beef.

The BF also got the Hot Burger (4,900 Won), which was just kim chi flavoured beef burger. This was just moderately spicy, very reminiscent of the taste of chili con carne.

The exterior of the burger joint.

Fresh Burger
893-1 Daechi-Dong
South Korea
Tel: 02-555-5206
Open daily from 11am to 12midnight

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