Hwa Soo Mok, Seoul, South Korea

This was the other restaurant serving barbecued meats further along the same street from Bon Ga. However, unlike Bon Ga, Hwa Soo Mok focuses primarily on Korean barbecue. So the menu here has a correspondingly wider selection of meats.

We got the Boneless Short Ribs (50,000 Won), heavily marbled meat simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

The thickly sliced beef was unbelievably juicy, tender and robust.

A couple of white button mushrooms, crisp onion rings and garlic buds were served alongside the beef.

The beef was robust, bold and full-bodied. So simple in marination but so full of flavour.

A special mention must be given to the scrambled egg side dish. I guess this is the Korean version of the Japanese chawanmushi. It was scrambled, lightly seasoned and steamed so it came out as a bubbling hot fragrant mass. It was so simple but superbly yummy. We practically licked the bowl clean.

The exterior of the restaurant.

Hwa Soo Mok
1F, 896-18 Daechi-Dong
South Korea
Tel: (02) 563 5559

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