Nil Ri Ri Mam Bo, Seoul, South Korea

This restaurant always seemed to be a full-house everytime we walked past it, so we walked in one afternoon for lunch.

We ordered the Self-Aljumeokbab (3,000 Won), flying fish roe rice ball. A large mixing bowl with seaweed strips, fish roe, moist sushi rice, a hard boiled egg, are given for you to mix and roll into rice balls on your own. Complimentary kimchi and chilled pickles are served on the side. Gloves are provided for hygiene purposes.

The mixed up version. We were too lazy to roll them up into rice balls, so we ate the mixed up rice straight from the bowl. This was nice and had wonderful umami flavours of the sea. A gimmicky DIY novelty, but very fun.

We also got the Yeolmukimchi Guksu  (4,500 Won), young radish cold noodles in a diluted kimchi-based broth. This was a very mild dish, to the point that it was a little bland. That said, the noodles were very soft and smooth, they practically went down like silk.

The restaurant's facade.

Nil Ri Ri Mam Bo
1F, 895-1 Daechi-Dong
South Korea
Tel: (02) 508 7008

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