Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken & Biscuits, Singapore Flyer

CC, Mr J, The Professor and I went out for lunch today for some "fresh air" and because we thought a change of scenery away from the unforgiving concrete jungle that is the CBD was "good for the soul". We headed to one of The Professor's favourite lunch spots for some Southern Deep-Fried Chicken at Popeyes.

We all got the 2-Piece Set Meal ($7.40) served with a regular side dish and soft drink. I got the Spicy Chicken, (both thigh meat because I'm really not a fan of breast meat). The meat was juicy, succulent, moist and tender. Even if the portions have shrunk, the chicken here is still notably better and bigger than KFC's miserly portions. But The Colonel has one thing Popeyes doesn't. The "secret recipe" original flavour marinade. Popeyes' chicken skin is crispy and flavourful, but it just can't beat the "11 herbs and spices" used in The Colonel's "secret recipe".

Popeyes' Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy (regular) is one of the best around in the fast food business. The potatoes are very ho-hum, nothing to praise about (I suspect it's the instant-mix type). But the gravy is really yummy. It's mildly spiced, rich, thick and luscious. I can taste paprika, cayenne, thyme and parsley in the gravy, herbs often used in Cajun cooking.

Obviously those 2 pieces of chicken thigh weren't going to be enough, so I got the Fish Bites ($3.90) as well. This was more batter than fish, but it was still great as a tea-time snack.

CC and The Professor opted for the Coleslaw side instead, for some refreshing fibre to help coax the oil and meat along.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Chicken & Biscuits
30 Raffles Ave
Singapore Flyer
Open daily from 9am to 11.45pm
Tel: 6338 8862


Anonymous said...

Try Arnolds' at City Plaza. It's good. -CJ

Stargirl said...

their coleslaw is not bad, too!

Bern said...

Hi Stargirl! Erm, I'm really not a fan of mayo...I always feel sick after eating it.

Bern said...

Hi CJ! Will try Arnolds...if I'm in the area! Thanks for the recommendation! By the way, is this Mr J??

[cookiespink] said...

I love Popeye's esp. the biscuit and cajun fries!!

Bern said...

Hi cookiespink, Popeyes' one of the better fried chicken fast food chain, though their chicken pieces have shrunk and quality has generally gone down.

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