Bon Ga, Seoul, South Korea

It's a well established fact that the BF and I are big eaters, even if we don't look like it. Thing is, when we try to place an order, the wait staff will generally persuade us to order less, because they think we cannot finish the amount of food we ordered. It happened again today at Bon Ga, when the waitress refused to take our order. We had to finish our initial order of dishes before she would take our order for the second round. Ah well, at least it showed that she was honest and had integrity.

We were barely seated before the complimentary side dishes were served. Service was THAT fast.In Singapore, Korean restaurants serve about 7 to 9 complimentary side dishes, which is a lot. It's different in Korea though, most restaurants serve between 4 and 5 side dishes.

I particularly liked the Chilled Mushrooms, but then, I do love ALL mushrooms.

The Kim Chi was also very good, spicy and piquant.

The Chilled Omelette was packed tightly, creating a thick mass.

The Spicy Jellyfish was a surprising addition, the chewy jellyfish was a nice balance of sweet and spicy flavours.

We ordered the Woo Sam Gyup (9,000 Won), barbequed sliced beef. This was served with a range of accompanying condiments and add-ons.

The ribbons of paper-thin beef slices were simply seasoned with salt, garlic and pepper.

The cooked beef strips are dunked into a sizzling bowl of sweet bean paste and wrapped in crisp lettuce before eating.

We also ordered the Beef Bulgogi Jjigae (6,000 Won), with strips of omelette, clear vermicelli and onions was absolutely slurpilicious. The broth was sweetened by the bulgogi-marinated beef, and I loved how tender the beef was.

The restaurant's exterior.

Bon Ga
896-43 Daechi-Dong
South Korea
Tel: (02) 508 6288

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