Cobaco, Seoul, South Korea

We wanted to sample all of Seoul's culinary offerings, so as a matter of strategy, we had 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 suppers almost everyday (I'm not really a breakfast person. Besides, I'm usually still asleep during the breakfast hours!). That way, we managed to eat our way through most of the restaurants in the town of Daechi-Dong. I guess you could call this a food recce trip of Seoul. But then again, I do that with every city I travel to!

We had a couple of hours of kill before setting off for the airport so we headed back to Cobaco for a quick meal.

We ordered the Udon Noodles in Soup (5,500 Won), which was absolutely slurpilicious. The soy-based soup was delicate, the noodles were thick, slippery and chewy and enoki mushrooms grounded the soup base in their distinctive earthiness. The only disappointment of the set was the dry Pork Cutlet. It should have been taken out of the fryer 5 minutes earlier.

The BF got the Sushi Golden Set (8,500 Won), which was a mistake. The raw fish wasn't very fresh, it was fishy and a little sinewy. The california roll was still alright, crunchy and refreshing from the addition of cucumber strips. The accompanying udon noodles on the side was also comforting and yummy.

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South Korea

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