Cho Dong Jib, Seoul, South Korea

I've learned something in South Korea. It's really difficult to be a tourist in South Korea if you don't know the language because everything is in Korean. The names of restaurants, menus, road signs, building names, everything is in Korean!

We got lost following the directions given by the concierge to a highly recommended lunch-spot. After walking for a good 20 minutes (mind you, it was in the drizzle), we decided that we'd pop into the next restaurant we chanced upon. And that was how we stumbled upon Cho Dong Jib, which touts itself as "Gangnam's Best Restaurant".We thought we'd try it and decide for ourselves if it truly was Gangnam's best restaurant.

As with most Korean restaurants, we were served a melange of side dishes, which were ALL delicious. I particularly liked the cold spinach and tofu. Refreshing, crisp flavours and light. The BF's favourite side was obviously the Kim Chi, he must have eaten 4 portions of it!

We fell in love with their Galbitang (7,000 Won), a humongous portion of beef rib stew. This was classic comfort food, especially since it'd been raining the entire day. Beef ribs were simmered in a light broth with white radish, chives and garlic to create a heavenly concoction of robust yet delicate flavours.

The entrance to the restaurant.

Cho Dong Jib
708-35 Yeok Sam-Dong
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02 558 8686

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