Crystal Jade Restaurant, Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport

Dinner before checking in the flight to Seoul was at Crystal Jade Restaurant for some good 'ol Cantonese cuisine. I tried to be healthy so I got the Fried Mixed Grain Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish ($12.80) with some brown rice for added nutrients and fibre. This was surprisingly good, I wouldn't have known brown rice was mixed into the dish! Chicken was succulent and tender, and rice was flavourful, having infused the seasoning. My only gripe was that the dish wasn't served piping hot and it was a little soggy.

I also ordered their Soup of The Day, Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup ($6). Oh I loved this. It was refreshing, clean-tasting and delicately light. 

Crystal Jade Restaurant
Viewing Mall North
Level 3 #03-084
Terminal 2 Singapore Changi Airport
Tel: 6214 1488
Open daily from 8am to 10.30pm
Website: www.crystaljade.com/


Sg said...

sounds great , this is my favourite dish, i have found same dish at
restaurant throught the sites .I would surely like to try their service.

Bern said...

Hi Sg! Thanks for linking the Singapore Dine site in your comment, I wouldn't have known of its existence otherwise! :)

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