Cobaco, Seoul, South Korea

The BF was craving some kim chi fried rice so we went hunting for a restaurant that serves up this classic Korean dish.

Cobaco serves Japanese-influenced dishes such as katsu don (pork cutlet rice), sushi and noodles.

The Stir-Fried Rice with Kim Chi (5,500 Won) was delicious. Each fluffy grain of rice was lightly coated was the essence of kim chi, creating a piquant and slightly spiced dish.This was served with miso soup and a couple of Korean side dishes.

We also got the Bulgogi Rice (7,500 Won), which was equally yummylicious. The sweetish beef was incredibly tender and the rice was generously topped with enoki mushrooms, julienned carrots, shredded cabbage and fragrant sesame seeds.

A closeup of the humongous ricebowl.

We also got the California Roll (5,000 Won), which was a much larger portion than we'd expected.

The California Roll was refreshingly good. The cool cucumbers made the moist sushi a delight to crunch on.

The Buckwheat Noodles (5,500 Won) was also pretty good. I liked that crushed ice was innovatively added into the dipping sauce to keep it icy-cold.

I loved the soft, chewy, freshly-made noodles.

The exterior of the restaurant.

BM Ville 891-51
South Korea

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