Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road Food Centre is one of those perpetually crowded hawker centres where you wait to get a free table, and then you wait some more to order your food, and wait further to get your food. But, the freedom of being single and childless is that the BF and I can go have lunch at 3pm in the afternoon. Which meant that the hawker centre was only filled with teenagers and retirees, i.e. people who have as free a schedule as we do.

We ordered a few dishes from a stall that sells cooked economic rice dishes, Ali Shan Curry Fish Head, which has another branch at Bedok Interchange Food Centre. It usually has a ridiculously long queue. Not today!

The Sauteed Spinach had a comfortingly familiar home-cooked feel to it, exactly the way my grandmother used to cook it.

The Chicken Cutlet was moist and tender, with a crispy bread crumb coating.

The Steamed Egg with Mince was also wonderfully homestyled, the egg was smooth and custard-like, with minced pork lending texture to the dish.

The Braised Potato was a disappointment though, it had a sourish tinge to it which we both didn't like.

The shop front. I think I'll try their curry fish head next time.

Ali Shan Curry Fish Head


We also got some Cantonese-style rice rolls. This is the only hawker stall I know that serves Cantonese-style rice rolls. Most rice rolls offered at hawker centres are the thick, plain types with sweet dark sauce breakfast offerings. We got the usual Barbequed Pork Rice Roll ($2) and Prawn Rice Roll ($2), thin and silky smooth sheets generously packed with fresh ingredients. A liberal dousing of soy and sesame oil provided flavouring.

We also ordered the Mushroom Rice Roll ($2) with braised Chinese black mushrooms. I love mushrooms, so this was a treat.

The shop front. They also sell pretty alright Cantonese congee.

Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fun


I was also craving some healthy fish soup, so we ordered from this TV shows-featured stall. The Sliced Fish Soup ($3) wasn't half-bad. The non-milk-thickened soup base was delicate and clear, and the fish slices were plentiful, thick and smooth. I liked that they removed the skin off the fish. Yes, it's full of omega-3, but I'm not a fan of it.

The facade of the stall.

Sliced Fish Bee Hoon / Fish Head Bee Hoon


We couldn't resist getting some Chicken Curry Puffs ($1.10 each) from the newspapers/magazines/TV shows-endorsed and award-winning Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff.

The flaky shortcrust pastry puffs were buttery and crumbly, but the piece de resistance was the savoury and incredibly moist chicken breast and potato curry filling. My mouth still waters when I think of it.

The shop front.

Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9.30am to 9.30pm, Closed on Mondays


Old Airport Road Food Centre
Blk 51 Old Airport Road


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