Cho Dong Jib, Seoul, South Korea

Cho Dong Jib was another restaurant that deserved a repeat visit.

This time, we ordered the Ddukbaegi Albap (5,000 Won), a fish roe version of the classic bibimbap dish.

The rice is meant to be mixed up before eating. This was really yummy, it was moist and flavourful, and every bite was a burst of umami flavour from the fish roe.

As usual, the rice was served with a melange of sides. The BF's favourite was obviously the Kim Chi, spicy, sourish and fermented just right.

The Myulchi Bokkeum wasn't very good though, it was a little too tough and chewy.

The Mayonnaise Corn was a delightful surprise. This didn't have the overwhelming cloying sweetness of typical mayonnaise. Instead, this was light, buttery and focused on the natural sweetness of the corn.

The Cold Spinach (sigumchi namul) was delicious as usual. We loved its clear and delicate flavours.

In contrast, the Seasoned Garlic Shoots (manul jjong muchim) were comparatively average. Still, it had a nice fiery spice to it.

The complimentary soup was another surprise. Usually, most restaurants serve complimentary MSG-laden substandard soups, but not Cho Dong Jib. The soup was robust and had depth of flavour. We slurped this up happily and asked for seconds.

Cho Dong Jib
708-35 Yeok Sam-Dong
Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02 558 8686

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