Incheon Airport Food Hall, Seoul, Korea

We were a little hungry before the flight and decided to grab a light meal at the food hall before boarding. We weren't expecting much because it was a food from a food court afterall. So it was a very pleasant surprise that the quality and quantity of the food was really good!

We got the Ginseng Chicken Soup (18,500 Won). Contrary to popular belief, Koreans don't have this widely-exported dish every day and/or in every restaurant. We found it difficult to find restaurants serving this dish around Seoul. It's like how sharks' fin soup is known around the world as a Chinese dish but isn't that easily available in every Singaporean Chinese restaurant except for the premium Cantonese restaurants.

The rice and barley-thickened soup was rich and robust, with earthy ginseng lending a bitter edge to the dish. The BF loved chomping on the pungent garlic bulbs in the soup.

The Soft Tofu Dish with Seafood in Hot Pot (8,500 Won) was even yummier. The flower crab, prawns and clams essence-infused soup was spicy, rich and delicious. The sides were also quite yummy, especially the kimchi and fish cakes.

Incheon Airport Food Hall
Level 3, Departure Lounge
South Korea

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