Crystal Jade Kitchen, Holland Village

Crystal Jade Kitchen at Holland Village recently launched its "Guang Zhou Style Stewed Dishes Recommendation" promotion, which is only available after 5pm every night. For every 2 claypot dishes ordered, you get the Assorted Vegetable Casserole for only $3.80.

We ordered the Stewed Pork Belly with Belachan ($13.80) of thinly sliced decadent pork belly with shrimpish belachan and crunchy green vegetables. This was spicy, bold and indulgently yummy.

We also got the Stewed Assorted Mushrooms with X.O. Sauce ($14.80), with the shimeiji, oyster, white button and shitake varieties. The fragrant seafood based X.O. sauce flavouring was heady, lightly spiced, and very umami.

The Assorted Vegetable Served in Casserole ($3.80 promo price, $13.80 usual price) was unexpectedly delicious! There were so many different vegetables, bean sprouts, spinach, cabbage, black fungus, carrots, green and red peppers, kailan, bai cai, cauliflower and sweet beancurd, in a luscious oyster sauce base. I loved the varied textures of this dish.

I also got the Roasted Duck Hor Fan in Soup ($6.80) of slippery smooth sheets of flat rice noodles in a delicate soup base and succulent roasted duck. This was absolutely slurpilicious.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
No. 2 Lor Mambong
Holland Village
Tel: 6469 0300
Open daily from 7am to 3am
Website: www.crystaljade.com

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