Phan Viet Deli

I went for lunch with The Professor to Phan Viet Deli, who's apparently a regular here (so much so the waitress knows his order by heart).

I really loved the Cha Gio, Viet Spring Roll ($5.50 for 3 pieces) the last time I ate here with CC, so I ordered it again, but as a full side dish on its own this time (so I get 3 pieces instead of just 1!). It was still as yummy as ever, with savoury minced pork, and black fungus and clear vermicelli for crunch and texture.

The Professor, a red meat lover, got his usual, the Pho Bo, Special Beef Feast Combination ($10.80). I don't like bean sprouts with their ends still intact, so he took my share. I also don't eat chili padi, so he also took my share of that. I guess that was why he was sweating buckets by the time we finished lunch.

I got the Pho Ga, Hanoi Chicken Noodle ($9.80). They were out of chicken, so they replaced it with Grilled Pork, which was just as delectable. I'm beginning to love Vietnamese noodles, the soups are so delicate in flavour. And they use really fresh ingredients to bring out the flavours, instead of using heavy flavourings. This was so goooooood, the rice noodles were smooth as silk, the soup was clear and light and the pork was very flavourful.

Phan Viet Deli
112 Robinson Road
#01-03, HB Robinson
Tel: 9828 4608
Open Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 4pm


Anonymous said...

Oi! More pics!

Bern said...

Not the kind you have been heckling me for, Professor.

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