Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant

I've said before that I'm not a fan of Korean cuisine in general. However, it was Mr Motormouth's farewell lunch and he wanted Korean food, so a bunch of us trooped over to this little nook of an eatery.

The food at Red Pig is really quite authentic, being run by Koreans. The menu is decidedly small and there is a different menu for lunch and dinner. Charcoal Korean table-BBQ is only available for dinner.

As usual, Side Dishes (banchan) are complimentary and refillable. They usually have about 6 varieties of sides for lunch, but they'd run out of 2 of the more popular sides that afternoon, so we only got 4 types.

We particularly liked the Seasoned Spinach (sigumchi namul), parboiled and served cold, lightly dressed with sesame and soy for flavour.

The Cold Tofu was another hit, smooth and refreshing, with a touch of spice from the kimchi-based sauce slathered over it.

The Stir-Fried Dried Anchovies (the BF says it's called "Myulchi Bokkeum") were really quite addictive too, with hot pepper paste and sesame to add dimension to the saltiness of the anchovies.

The Kimchi, according to my colleagues, is also very authentic. Well-fermented, sour and spicy.

For the mains, I ordered the Haemul Sundubu Jjigae ($10), seafood tofu soup. I liked it. The bubbling soup was lightly spiced and chock full of silky beancurd cubes, scrambled eggs, fresh squid and prawns.

The Chicken Bibimbab ($10), a favourite of some of my colleagues, was also pretty good. The succulent chicken cubes were sweetened with Korean bulgogi marinade, the vegetables were fresh and the rice was slightly sticky. Perfect for scrambling the whole thing into a big mess in the heated earthen pot.

Red meat lovers got the Beef Bibimbab ($10) instead. The tender beef slices were just as good as the chicken version.

Others got the Beef BBQ Set Meal ($10), sweet marinated sliced beef with fresh onions served on a sizzling hot plate with rice on the side.

Mr Motormouth was such a sweetheart, he saw that it was my birthday soon and surprised me with a birthday cake!

Red Pig Original Charcoal Korean Restaurant
93 Amoy Street
Tel: 6220 7176 / 9230 0765
Open Mondays to Fridays from 12 noon to 2.30pm for lunch and 5pm to 11.30pm for dinner; weekends and public holidays from 5pm to 10pm


Anonymous said...

hello, may i know if the side dishes are available for dinner?

Bern said...

Yes they serve banchan for dinner as well, but they do vary the selection according to what they prepare that day. What's available one day may be different from the next. The dinner menu also features Korean bbq.

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