Marks and Spencer

We habitually pop into the food hall at Marks and Spencer to replenish our stash of junk food. Their chips, combo mixes, cookies and sweets are very unique (i.e. roast ham-flavoured chips and mixes) so it's difficult to find the same flavours elsewhere. Plus, they're really addictive.

The Viennese Biscuit Selection ($10.90) was on discount so we got a few of these.
I particularly liked the Viennese Cream Sandwiches (top row, second from right) and Chocolate Viennese Cream Sandwiches (top row, first from left) and Chocolate Viennese Sandwiches (bottom row, first from right).

 The Chocolate Chip Cookies were similarly on discount ($3.30) so we snapped up a couple of these. 

I love how generous they are with the chocolate chips. Every bite is a mouthful of chips, with a rich, buttery crumbly cookie base. It was so addictive I didn't realise that I'd only left only one sad little cookie for the BF. Opps!

Marks and Spencer
252 North Bridge Road
#02-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6339 9013

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