Carl's Jr, Playground @ Big Splash

Carl's Jr is one of the few fast food joints that I would patronise. Their burgers are substantial and meaty, unlike the teeny, tiny, 3-bites-and-it's-gone kind that some other fast food restaurants try to pass off as a burger. Granted, it's also more expensive, but the extra dollars are well worth their juicy and plump patties.

The outlet at Big Splash is its first and only drive thru in Singapore. A huge plus point is that it's also open 24 hours. Perfect for when those late-night / early morning hunger pangs strike.

I love their Fried Zucchini ($3.70), crispy little moulds of juicy zucchinis in a lightly herbed and spiced breaded coating.

The BF got his favourite, the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, ThickBurger Edition ($11.50), with a thick slab of 100% Angus beef, salty bacon, onion ring and melted cheese. Decadent, artery-clogging and absolutely yummy.

Carl's Jr
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk C, #01-14/15/16/17
Playground @ Big Splash
Tel: 6348 6988
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 7am to 10.30pm, Fridays & Saturdays 24 hours and Drive-Thru daily 24 hours
Website: carlsjr.com.sg/live/


Stargirl said...

I like their fried zucchini too!

Bern said...

Yums! It's all about the flavoured batter that it's fried in! Actually, I also love zucchini on its own, simply buttered and grilled with a sprinkling of salt for flavour.

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