Jonker Street Arisan Fried Chicken, Malacca

Jonker Street, aka Malacca's Chinatown, aka Jalan Hang Jebat is a must-visit when in Malacca. It's like the Gurney Drive of Penang. You can't walk 10 metres without stumbling upon a food gem of a find.

Taiwanese Fried Chicken in Malaysia is different from the ones in Singapore, in that the bones are left on, and thigh meat is used instead of the usual boneless, pounded-till-flat breast meat that you find in Singapore.

We stopped by Arisan Fried Chicken along Jonker Street for a late-night snack after dinner one night. The Choppo (RM6) was fragrant, thick and juicy, moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

The Nuggetto (RM6) was the nugget version of the Choppo, bite-sized for convenience. This was equally succulent and tender.

The store front.

Arisan Fried Chicken
Jalan Hang Jebat
Tel: 019-262 1695 / 016-284 6368
Open daily from 11am to 12 midnight


Anonymous said...

NOthing special about this choppo which I tried yesterday and it cost only RM5.50

Frankly, Shilin XXL is much tasty.

Bern said...

Really? But I feel the chicken at Shilin in Singapore is significantly drier than this one.

jack said...

sure lar,here is famous jonker street...they must put up the price...shilin xxl not so tasty because it too dried...

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