Zi Yean Restaurant Pte Ltd

We wanted to go to Holland Village for dinner after working out at the gym but there were no carpark lots available. The carpark situation there is horrendous, really! So, we made a snap decision to go to Zi Yean for dinner instead. Last orders are taken at 10.15pm so we made it in good time for a late dinner. We were the last diners of the night, which was great, because we had the entire restaurant all to ourselves.

We started off with a Fried Yam Ring with Diced Chicken and Cashew Nuts ($20), which is one of our favourite dishes. The yam ring was crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. I love the ingredients in the yam basket, white fungus, black fungus, fresh prawns, chicken cubes, carrots, cashews and mushrooms, sprinkled liberally with sliced almonds. The savoury flavours of the fillings complemented the delicate sweetness of the yam.

We also ordered Bun's favourite, French Beans in Chef's Special Sauce ($10 for a small portion). Zi Yean's version is by far the best around. They use baby french beans which are extra skinny. This already sets this dish apart from its counterparts. It's fried just right to the tipping point between crunchy and wilted. The heat of the wok imparts a slightly smoky flavour to the greens, which are coated with a fiery dried shrimp and oyster-based sauce.

We also tried the Beancurd with Seafood in Egg-White ($14 for a small portion), with conpoy (dried scallops), diced chicken, prawns, sugar snap peas and mushrooms, which was gravylicious. The luscious, chock-full of seafood gravy was amazing when slathered over rice.

Zi Yean Restaurant Pte Ltd
Blk 56 Lengkok Bahru
Tel: 6474 0911 (aircon), 6471 0253 (non-aircon)
Open daily from 11am to 10.30pm
Website: www.ziyean.com.sg

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