Golden Mile Food Centre, Bao Ma Curry Fish Head

Ever since Ernie and I tried and fell in love with the fish head curry at the Bao Ma Curry Fish Head at Golden Mile Food Centre, I've been wanting to bring the BF there. So, one sweltering afternoon, we braved the weather to eat at the hawker centre well known to national servicemen (it's "affectionately" called the "Army Market" to the local men as they replenish their army supplies here).

As usual, the Curry Fish Head ($15) was amazing. The fish was fresh and flaky and the curry was piquant and spicy. It helped that the price was also eye-poppingly cheap.

We got a few side dishes for variety. The Luncheon Meat with Potato in Tomato Sauce ($2) is a dish we always order if we see an economic rice stall selling it. It's a dish that unfailingly brings us back to our childhood, it was a mainstay in both our primary school canteens and most of our maids' home-cooked meals.

We got a few greens as well, Sauteed Broccoli and Sauteed Green Vegetables ($1.50), simple and homestyled.

The Meatball ($1) caught the BF's eye, and this was good. The fresh, not frozen, pork was hand-chopped for that coarse ground texture.

The Braised Chicken with Mushroom ($2) is also another lovely dish. The chicken was succulent and tender, albeit a little oily, and the gravy was yummy.

The stall is so underrated and low-key, a classic hidden gem with great homely food at yesteryear prices.

Bao Ma Curry Fish Head
Stall No B1-01
Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 6294 2545
Open daily from about 10am to about 9pm, closed alternate Saturdays

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