Golden Mile Food Centre, Bao Ma Curry Fish Head

Beeps loves curry fish head. So when she told me about this curry fish head stall at Golden Mile Food Centre along Beach Road (also known as the Army Market), I went with Ernie to check it out. I'm always on the lookout for really fresh fish used in curry fish head, because when you douse an ingredient in something as potent as curry, there's really not very much need to use very fresh fish. But I'm Teochew, and I always know when my seafood isn't fresh.

This unassuming shop brings to mind the classic phrase, "don't judge a book by its cover". It may not look like much, there isn't a long queue, but the food is amazing.

Curry Fish Head ($15), this was absolutely delicious. Stellar dish. Beeps was absolutely right. The gravy was spicy and creamy with a tinge of tamarind for that sour twist. We finished every single drop of the gravy.

The fish was incredibly fresh, it flaked off easily, it was sweet, clean to the taste, and really cheap for such a portion. There wasn't anybody else eating the curry fish head so I'm extremely impressed that they serve such fresh fish despite the lack of high turnover.

Braised Cabbage ($1), this didn't look very promising because of its really pale colour but we wanted vegetables. It turned out to be very yummy though, the stock used to braise the cabbage was rich and flavourful, and the cabbage wasn't too soggy.

Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Ginger ($2), the oyster-sauce gravy was great, but the chicken was a little too tough. Would probably have been more tender with a longer braising time.

The stall front.

Bao Ma Curry Fish Head
Stall No B1-01
Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre
Tel: 6294 2545
Open daily from about 10am to about 9pm, closed alternate Saturdays

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