Sushi Tei, China Square Central

Sushi Tei's one of my favourite go-to restaurants for cheap and quality sushi that's extremely value-for-money. I prefer the China Square Central branch (only for dinner) as it is usually quieter and less crowded than their sister branches around town.

The BF was working late one evening. As Ernie is my regular standby dinner date, I called to arrange dinner at the last minute. I managed to catch him just as he was leaving the office. Phew!

Sushi Tei has quarterly promotions in accordance with the season's finest produce. From January to March 2010, it's the Ocean's Enchantment promotion, which focuses primarily on oysters. I'm not a fan of oysters but a dish from the promotional menu caught my eye, the Aburi Maguro Black Pepper with Special Sauce ($14), 6 pieces of half-broiled black pepper encrusted tuna. I love aburi (half-broiled) anything, it's the Japanese method of searing a piece of seafood or meat. You get a cooked crust with pink and raw insides so the juices are sealed within the seafood/meat. I love love lurve this dish! Every piece is absolutely worth its 2 dollar price-tag.

I ordered my usual Cha Soba ($7), cold green tea-flavoured buckwheat noodles. Some people hate the idea of eating cold noodles, but I love its refreshing and clean flavours. A light soy-based tsuyu sauce is provided for dunking the noodles.

Ernie got his usual, the Katsu Don ($10), rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, scrambled egg and liberally drizzled with a teriyaki sauce.

As Ernie is still on his "let's eat healthier" regime, we got a Sashimi Salad with Wafu Dressing ($9). The piquant and salty rice vinegar and soy-based dressing is the perfect complement to the delicate flavours of the salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi.

We also got the Soft Shell Crab Maki ($6.50) to share. This dish had been on the conveyor belt for a while so the soft shell crab was not as crispy as I'd like it to be. Still, the sushi was yummy.

We also got the Mini California Maki ($5.50), with avocado, crab meat and smelt roe. The delicate, powdery avocado balanced the sweetness of the crab meat.

For nibbling, we ordered the Hanasaki Ika Tempura ($5.50), squid tempura, served with some mayonnaise. The squid was fresh and just out of the fryer, so it was hot and crispy. The squid was also done just right, firm without being rubbery.

We also got the Gyuniku Roll ($10), which I consider to be a must-try. Enoki mushrooms are rolled in a slice of beef and grilled with a sweet yakitori sauce. This is sweet, robust and absolutely delicious.

We ordered the Salmon Skin Maki ($6.50), I love salmon skin. This was also freshly made, so the salmon skin was still crispy and hot.

Sushi Tei
20 Cross Street
China Square Central
Tel: 6223 0070
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Website: www.sushitei.com/

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