Lavender Food Centre

Update: both stalls have moved to the food centre nearby, at Hoa Nam Building along 27 Foch Road

I've always wondered why there's always a horrendous queue in front of this particular wanton noodle stall, so one evening when there was a conspicuous lack of a queue, I jumped right in to try it for myself.

We got the larger portion of Wanton Noodles ($4.50) with chili. Just before serving, a watery light brown gravy is ladled onto your plate. If you like your wanton noodles wet and sweet, this is it. The noodles are a little soggy, having soaked up that savoury but sweet brown gravy. It doesn't look or sound like much but together with the piquant spicy chili, it's a knockout. I'm not a fan of the dry and thinly sliced bbq pork, but the pork-filled wantons are silky and fresh.

We got a Wanton Soup ($5) to supplement the noodles because I didn't really like the bbq pork. The soup was pretty MSG-ish, but the wantons were good.

There's also this fairly famous BBQ chicken stall (that originated from Chong Pang Huat) that looks good. They actually trim off the blackened parts before serving, which is such a plus point. No worries about carcinogens while indulging here.

The BBQ Chicken Wings ($1.20 per wing) is absolutely delicious. Juicy wings that are well-marinated, barbecued till golden brown. The chili is also amazingly spicy and piquant, complementing the golden wings. Perfect for washing down an ice-cold beer while watching a soccer match on one of the large flat-screen TVs in the food centre.

Kok Kee Wanton Noodle
Unit #01-06
Lavender Food Centre

Chong Pang Huat 
Unit #01-31
Lavender Food Centre

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