Maxwell Food Centre

The BF has been raving about the Hainanese curry rice at Maxwell Food Centre, so one day when the weather was cooler, we popped by for a visit.

Maxwell is well known for being one of the more notable hawker centres around, with fairly famous stalls such as Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice and Zhen Zhen Porridge. Although this open-air hawker centre is frequented by many tourists, all fanning themselves with their maps of Singapore while tucking into local cuisine, you still pay local hawker centre prices. There isn't the Newton hawker centre "tourist prices" phenomenon here.

Luckily, there wasn't much of a queue when we arrived for lunch one rainy weekend. We ordered the Pork Chops ($1.50 for 1 portion), which was crispy and juicy.

The Minced Pork Ball ($1.20 for 1) was well-marinated, textured and huge.

The Curry Chicken ($1.20 for 1) was nonya-style, fragrant, creamy and spicy.

We also loved the Braised Cabbage ($1.40), simple but flavoursome, not too wilted and still slightly crunchy.

We also ordered a Fried Egg ($0.50) to go with steaming hot White Rice ($0.50), with oodles of luscious curry gravy. So simple yet so yummy.

This is the store front.

Hainanese Curry Rice
Maxwell Food Centre
Unit 68
Open from 11.30am (until the food runs out at about 3pm daily). Closed on Fridays.

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