Phan Viet Deli

CC and I went for a quick bite for lunch and stumbled upon this unassuming Vietnamese restaurant. I don't usually eat Vietnamese food because it's just doesn't seem as vibrant as Thai food. Although both cuisines are somewhat similar, Vietnamese food tends to be milder in flavour and fairly healthy, with a strong emphasis on lots of fresh crisp vegetables in their cuisine.

We were informed that there was a set meal saver, at only $14.80 for a Beef Noodle Combi, which includes a viet spring-roll, prawn wanton and plum soda. Three's some flexibility so you can opt to switch the main dish with any of their rice or noodle dishes. Obviously we chose the set meal.

I got the Pho Bo, a classic Vietnamese dish of sliced beef noodle soup, sans bean sprouts and coriander. This was surprisingly good. The beef broth was light and delicate, without being bland. This was quite a feat, considering that beef stock usually tends to be heavier and more robust compared to chicken stock. The thinly-sliced beef was also tender and flavourful. The silky rice noodles were a perfect complement to the light soup. A word of caution though, the portion is humongous, so share if you're a small eater.

CC got the Vietnamese Rice with Beef Brisket, which was really yummy too. The beef was mildly spiced but extremely flavourful. Perfect with the white rice. CC actually finished everything.

The Viet Spring-Roll (Cha Gio) and Crispy Shrimp Wanton was delicious as well. They were freshly fried and served piping hot. The star was definitely the Cha Gio, which was absolutely delish. Minced meat, lightly spiced, wrapped in a crispy wafer-thin skin. I only wish they gave more of this.

Oh the Sour Plum Drink is really kitschy as well. They give you a cup with some plums, a little plum juice, and a can of soda water. You mix the soda water into the cup and voila, you get a fizzy sour plum drink. This was refreshingly delicious.

This is one place that's great to enjoy good food in air-conditioned comfort in the Shenton Way area. I'll definitely be back to try the other dishes.

Phan Viet Deli
112 Robinson Road
#01-03, HB Robinson
Tel: 9828 4608
Open Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 4pm

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