Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner

I was craving something light and soupy so we went to Nan Hwa Chong for some fish steamboat.

We ordered a plate of Sauteed Nai Bai with Garlic ($8), which was crunchy, sweet and light.

We came here for the fish steamboat, and we ordered the Red Snapper Fish Steamboat ($28), with cabbage, seaweed, yams and dried sole fish for extra flavour. We also got a side of Enoki Mushrooms ($3) and extra Fried Yams ($3). This was the first time I tried the fried yam (it's usually the BF who eats it all) and it is delicious! It's like an Asian version of french fries, dunked into the clear sweet soup.

A light and healthy meal to end the day.

Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner
No. 814 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6297 9319
Open daily from 5pm to 11pm

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