Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner

We were both craving some healthy fish steamboat so we headed straight to Nan Hwa Chong. We've done a taste-test of 3 of the more famous fish steamboats around and this got our vote for the best fish steamboat. Besides, their cze char was one of the best as well.

We got the Red Snapper Fish Steamboat ($28), sans garland chrysanthemum (tung oh), spring onions and coriander. Leaving only cabbage, seaweed, fried yam cubes and fish pieces (these come with bones, so please be careful. I've had many harrowing experiences swallowing fish bones. Not a pleasant experience, I tell you). We also requested for an additional plate of enoki mushrooms ($3) to dunk into the soup for extra sweetness.

I love love LURVE the soup base here, it's so clean, fresh and pure, which can only be obtained from hours and hours of simmering fish bones. No shortcuts to obtain that depth of flavour here. I slurped up the soup happily. Oh and if you add the soup to white rice, you end up with a very exquisite Teochew fish porridge.

This steamboat is heated by charcoal, which produces a unique heat and taste to the steamboat. The only flaw is that the fire can't be controlled or turned down, so you'll have to keep replenishing the soup to keep it from drying out. In any case, refills are free and absolutely yummy! 

The red snapper was very fresh and flaky, softer in texture compared to grouper though. I liked both equally, but the BF prefers the grouper.

We also got the Braised Beancurd ($8), which was rich and flavourful. I liked that black fungus was added, a luxurious touch to the respectably well done dish.

Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner
No. 814 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6297 9319
Open daily from 5pm to 11pm

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