Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant

We've been wanting to try out this steamboat place ever since we tried the one at Nan Hwa Chong, which incidentally, is diagonally across the road. Both serve pretty much the same stuff (namely fish steamboat and cze char) and they also seem equally popular with the local crowd, so we wanted to know which one was better. Plus, I'd just recovered from fever, so something soupy and light would be great for easing back into eating proper food after days of plain porridge.

Nan Hua Chang occupies 2 shop spaces on the first floor of an HDB block, and the bonus is that it is partially air-conditioned, which is always a plus when eating steamboat. No unglamourous sweating and/or pit-stains here!

Today, we got the Red Snapper Fish Steamboat ($30). After we noticed almost every table ordering the same extra, we requested a serving of Enoki Mushrooms ($3). I found that the soup stock is just as lovely and sweet as the one at Nan Hwa Chong and couldn't decide which one was better. The BF had a different opinion though, he preferred this version, which he felt was more delicate and lighter.

We also had differing opinions of the fish. I prefer this red snapper, which is softer than grouper. The BF preferred the more firm-fleshed grouper. 

The rest of the ingredients were the same though, cabbage, fried pieces of yam and seaweed.

We also got a meat dish, the Hotplate Venison ($12). The venison tasted a little gamey, which I didn't like. Otherwise, the garlic and spring onion oyster sauce gravy was fabulous.

Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant
Blk 462 Crawford Lane
Tel: 6296 4533
Open daily from 5pm to 12 midnight

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