Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant, Suntec City

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant at Suntec is fast becoming one of our default weekday dinner choices. Although it's really similar to Crystal Jade Kitchen which is one shop space away (Cafeteria Il Lido is between the 2 competitors), Imperial Treasure additionally serves a small selection of Cantonese and Shanghainese dim sum.

The staff are starting to remember my peculiarities as well, namely, my need for a straw with my iced tea and my constant requests for additional soup. Hmm, this could be due to the fact that we have dinner there several times a week. A wee bit excessive, maybe, but we figured if we eat different dishes on the menu, it doesn't count as eating at the same restaurant.

The BF wanted something light and not too heavy, so we got the Roasted Duck Noodles ($6.50), thin springy egg noodles lightly tossed with an oyster sauce gravy, served with blanched choy sum and an aromatic roasted duck thigh. We liked the fact that the noodles were not drowning in gravy, so the noodles preserved its al dente bite.

We also got the ubiquitous Siew Mai ($4), juicy minced prawn and pork steamed dumplings with bits of diced mushrooms and topped with a cubed salted egg yolk for a sandy texture.

The BF loved the Steamed BBQ Pork Buns ($3) yesterday, so he had to have it again (they're steamed, so they've got to be healthier. Right?) This was as fluffy and delectable as the day before.

I love their Pork and Vegetable Wanton Soup ($4.50), so I had to have it as well. The manager was such a sweetheart, she automatically asked the cook to add more soup to my order. Despite the additional soup, I still asked for 2 refills of the delicately rich chicken-base soup. It's that lovely.

7 June 2010

A quick update: Please note that they've closed this outlet down. The only available Nan Bei restaurants are at Takashimaya and Tampines

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City #B1-011
Tel: 6339 3118
Open daily from 10am to 11pm

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