The Pump Room, Great World City

We went out for dinner with two of my favourite guys in the world, Ernie and Cho. These guys really are like the older brothers I've never had. They've been through all the worst parts of my life. I love that although most of my best friends are guys, The BF has absolutely no problem with my friendship with anyone of them. In fact, he gets on fabulously with all of them, and they, in turn, love him too. Mostly because we really trust each other. I think it's due to the fact that we're so open with one another and we share the same values.

We decided to go to The Pump Room for dinner because the boys love their beers. The only bad thing about this location is that it's way too warm. We always end up perspiring through our dinner. The management really should do something about the air-conditioning, if there is any at all.

We were just in time before the Happy Hour ended, so we managed to get the 1-for-1 Pump Room Lager ($12.50), which had a pretty golden hue. This was light, crisp and clean. Very refreshing.

Ernie wanted soup, so he got the Chef's Soup of the Day, the Cream of Tomato ($7). I'm not usually a fan of tomato soup, but this was piquant and creamy.

We got the mains to share. First up was the Fisherman's Basket ($26), consisting of battered prawns, dory fish and scallops. We switched the chips with mashed potatoes. Somehow, all the boys are on some kind of reduced-carbs diet. I loved the succulent and sweet scallops.

We also got the Grilled Cod ($28), served on a bed of garlic mashed potato and sauteed spinach, topped off with an oven-dried tomato and drizzled with an olive tapenade sauce. This is probably the best main dish on the menu. The oily fish is perfectly complemented by the wilted spinach and fragrant garlic mash.

We also got the Portobello Burger ($14), a plump juicy portobello mushroom with cheese is battered and fried, resembling a burger patty. Add a fluffy sesame seed bun, onion confit, fresh lettuce and a pesto mayonnaise and you get a delectable vegetarian burger option. Who doesn't love this combination of portobello and cheese.

On the server's recommendation, we also got the Peri Peri Spring Chicken ($16). served with rosemary roasted potatoes and french beans. The chicken was moist, but we weren't huge fans of the peri peri seasoning. Loved the aromatic rosemary-infused potatoes though.

We also got extra sides, Assorted Fresh Vegetables ($8), a variety of yellow and green zucchini, baby french beans, broccoli and carrots tossed in butter and sea salt. It never hurts to eat more veggies.

The BF didn't feel like chocolate tonight, so he got the Pavlova ($10). a classic Australian dessert of meringue topped with a selection of berries and passion fruit curd. The meringue had a sweetened crispy crust but soft and fluffy on the inside. This was light and refreshing.

Of course we had to get the must-try Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding ($10). This really is the ultimate decadent dessert. Ernie, ever the chocolate fan, lapped this up happily, despite professing to have a full stomach.

The Pump Room
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City
Tel: 6338 0138
Website: www.pumproomasia.com/gwc/index.html
Open from Sundays to Thursdays from 10am to 1am, and Fridays to Saturdays and Public Holidays from 10am to 2am.
Meal times from 11am to 10pm and bar bites to closing hours

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