Sari Indo Authentic Indonesian Cuisine

We met Pops and my brother for dinner one evening. I don't live with them so I try to see them for dinner every once a while to catch up.

The BF and I don't follow any kind of schedule for mealtimes, so we sometimes end up eating lunches at 4pm or dinners at 9.30pm. But because it's Pops, we had to have dinner at 6pm, so we went to the gym early today and got out early to make it in time for dinner.

We were a little dismayed to find that the restaurant is completely open-air, but thankfully, it was a breezy and cool day so we didn't have to sweat through dinner.

Pops had raved enthusiastically about the Beef Rendang ($3) at Sari Indo so of course we had to get it. He was right, this was meltingly tender and wonderfully smoky.

We got the chicken version, the Ayam Rendang ($4), this was heady and just as robustly flavoured. I loved that the breast meat was incredibly moist and juicy.

We also got the Ayam Gulai ($4), curry chicken simmered in decadent coconut milk. This was very commendable.

We got the Sayur Lodeh ($1.50), standard fare but with the surprising addition of a piece of sweet corn. That was a nice touch.

The only disappointment was the Baby Kailan ($1.50), the sauce was too gooey and starchy. I would have expected kailan to be an easy peasy dish to cook.

We also got the Perkedel ($0.80 for each), fried potato cutlets. This was nicely crisp on the outside but moist on the inside.

For dessert, we got the Chendol ($2.50), this was suitably refreshing and sweet. I love the smoky sweetness of gula melaka.

Update 20 Feb 2011: This restaurant has closed down. In its place, Stevo's Salads 'n' Such, an Australian eatery, has opened.

Sari Indo Authentic Indonesian Cuisine
215 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6554 4756
Open daily from 10am to 10pm, closed every alternate Wednesdays

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