Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner

I'm not a fan of fish-head steamboats, being a fan of chicken-stock based ones. But I'd always seen this unassuming coffeeshop packing in the crowds everytime I ran past it. So, we figured we'd give it a try. Surely that much of a crowd can't be too far off the good food radar.

It was fairly full capacity when we popped in for dinner on a Monday night, which heralded the quality of the dinner. Although the restaurant is completely non-airconditioned, the location was surprisingly breezy. You know how it is with steamboats, you inevitably end up perspiring after drinking copious amounts of hot soup. But we needn't have worried, there was never a no-wind moment throughout our dinner. In fact, it was so cooling that we hardly perspired through dinner.

We got the Grouper Fish-Head Steamboat ($35). This came generously served with pieces of cabbage, yam cubes, fried sole fish for flavour and seaweed for that umami quality. The fish was fresh and sweet, and firm but flaky. The piece de resistance was the soup. Oh the soup. It was delicate as only fish-based soups go, full-bodied resulting from hours of simmering fish bones and root vegetables, and incredibly sweet. We happily lapped up the soup. Then we asked for multiple refills while slurping up the addictively delectable soup.

We also got the Braised Beancurd ($8), this was wonderfully aromatic and lip-smackingly yummy. Chock full of sliced carrots, broccoli, silky egg beancurd, Chinese black mushrooms, champignons, straw mushrooms, sliced pork and black fungus, this was great for ladling over steaming hot white rice.

Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner
No. 814 North Bridge Road
Tel: 6297 9319
Open daily from 5pm to 11pm

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