Song Hua Teochew Noodles, People's Park Complex

We were running errands at Chinatown when hunger pangs suddenly struck. We headed to the basement food court of People's Park Complex and landed in front of Song Hua Teochew Noodles, which serves a variety of noodles. This stall was apparently featured on season 2 of the Makan Places Lost & Found TV show. Any kind of TV endorsement is generally an indication of quality food, so we decided to give it a try and got the Wanton Noodles ($3).

As it turned out, we made the right choice, the noodles were springy, the thickly sliced bbq pork was sweet, smoky and tender, the wantons was silky and robust and the sauce was spicy and savoury.

Song Hua Teochew Noodles
People's Park Complex

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