Crystal Jade Kitchen, Suntec City Mall

The minute we stepped into Crystal Jade, the manager promptly reminded the staff to get us both iced Chinese tea, mine with a straw, and to hold off the spring onions in all our dishes. I guess we do patronise this restaurant that often.

Today, we got the Beancurd Thick Soup with Seafood ($7.50), a thick soup with chunks of succulent scallops, sweet prawns, silky beancurd, earthy mushrooms and egg whites. I love the delicate flavour of the soup.

I got a Roasted Duck and Chicken Congee ($7.80), a smooth rice gruel with silvers of roasted duck and strips of chicken, topped with crispy flour fritters.  I've noticed that this variety of porridge is not available at the Imperial Treasure chain of restaurants.

The BF got the Sauteed Noodles with Seafood ($14.50), crispy egg noodles with scallops, prawns, fish, button mushrooms and choy sum, which is always a reliable and safe choice.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
3 Temasek Boulevard,
B1-013, Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6338 3511
Open daily, 11am to 10.30pm
Website: www.crystaljade.com

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