Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant, Suntec City

You know how it is when you are sick, you just don't want to eat anything at all, and the smell or sight of any food makes you want to cry (because it makes you nauseous)? Yup, I was feeling feverish so my appetite was obviously crap.

The BF insisted that I put something in my tummy though (don't you just lurve it when there's someone in your life whose job description includes having to take care of you?). So, after much wrangling, I agreed to have something light and soupy. So I got the Beancurd Thick Soup with Seafood ($7). This was appropriately delicate and light.

We also got Baby Bok Choy with Braised Mushrooms ($14), lightly blanched vegetables blanketed in a velvety oyster sauce and richly braised Chinese black mushrooms.

The BF wanted something more substantive and he got the Ee-fu Noodles ($10.50). The chef was more generous with the seasonings today, the braised noodles somehow seemed richer in flavour

He also got the Wantons in Hot Chili Sauce ($4.20), silky pork and chives wantons in a sea of piquant vinegar and chili oil sauce.

7 June 2010

A quick update: Please note that they've closed this outlet down. The only available Nan Bei restaurants are at Takashimaya and Tampines

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City #B1-011
Tel: 6339 3118
Open daily from 10am to 11pm

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