Our regular run-to-dinner sessions usually means that we are unglamourously sweaty and in our very casual exercise gear. The good thing about Prego is that they do not have a strict dress code so we're still able to dine there while drenched in prespiration (okay, we're not that bad).

There was a waiting time of 15 minutes for a table but we were happy to cool down while walking around the shopping mall. Okay, we also used the 15 minutes to go to Marks & Spencer and load up on junk food.

Prego's just revamped its menu on 22 February 2010. Only the pasta selection has changed a fair bit, the rest are about the same. Best of all, prices have mostly stayed the same. They probably changed the menu in accordance with the seasonal pickings.

We ordered 2 soups, the Minestrone di Verdure e Legumi ($15), rustic and hearty mixed vegetable tomato-based soup. Today's version was extra chunky, probably because we were dining really late so we got the bottom of the barrel, yay.

We also ordered another classically Italian soup, the Zuppa di Funghi con Bianca e Olio Tartufato ($15), cream of mushroom soup with truffle oil and bianca garnish. This was really good, creamy and rich and full of mushroomy-goodness.

Oh we've realised that the portions for the soups are huge. We were quite full by the time we finished both soups.

We've got our favourites dishes down pat, mine's the Risotto al Funghi Porcini e Bottoncini con Spinaci ($34), a traditional Italian rice dish with sauteed porcini and button mushrooms and spinach. Little grains of pearls shimmering down your throat, clad in a silky, creamy and cheesy sauce. I really love this.

The BF's fave is the Maccheroncelli all Amatriciana ($24), short tube pasta tossed with pancetta, onion, chili and tomato salsa. Fresh pasta has got that soft, bouncy texture that dried pasta cannot replicate. The decadent artery-clogging pancetta is absolutely worth the cholesterol.

Prego's Bread Basket, fluffy and warm as always. We struggled to finish this because we were so full with everything else. Today's service was especially speedy, we barely finished a chunk of the bread before our soups and mains arrived. I guess it's because we're one of the last few diners remaining.

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Tel: 6431 5156
Open daily for breakfast from 6am to 11am, lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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