Garuda Padang Cuisine

My firm had declared a half day on the eve of the eve of Chinese New Year (yay!). So even if I had to wait almost 2 hours to see the Registrar that morning, I was still a happy and chirpy little bird.

Mr "Harvest The Crops", Mr Motormouth and I decided to make full use of the precious half day to go further out for lunch, so we ended up at Vivocity. Since we were going to be eating Chinese food for the next few days due to the Chinese New Year festivities, we thought a different cuisine would be prudent.

We headed to Garuda Padang Cuisine for some Indonesian Minangkabau food. Although the mall was packed, we got a table immediately in the bustling restaurant. The restaurant was a stark white colour, gleaming and bright. Very chic interiors, with clean lines and a modern feel. The main counter at the cashier's sets out the expansive array of available dishes. You point and pick out the dishes you want and the servers will bring them to your table.

Overall, Garuda was a hit-and-miss affair. Forgettable is the word I would use to describe the food. The cuisine was also a significantly milder to what I'm used to at my usual Padang cuisine at Kandahar Street

We got the Telor Dadar ($2 each), egg omelettes. These were fluffy and light but rather standard fare that one can whip up at home easily.

We also got the Beef Rendang ($8), the rendang gravy was nutty and aromatic, but the beef was a wee bit too tough. This could have been more tender.

We also got the chicken version, Ayam Rendang ($5.50 each piece). This was spicier than the beef. The chicken was a little dry, so we had to supplement the meat with the rendang paste and chili oil.

We got another chicken option, the Gulai Ayam ($5.30), traditional curry chicken. This was commendable, the best meat dish of the meal. The curry was thick and fragrant and the chicken was succulent. Sedap!

The Sayur Lodeh ($5.50) was a letdown though. It was extremely mild, and the coconut milk was slightly overpowering. The selection of vegetables was also unusual, consisting of sweet potatoes, zucchini, baby corn and long beans.

Unfortunately, the Pergedel Sapi ($1.50 each), potato cutlets, had coriander. The boys ended up eating my share.

Garuda Padang Cuisine
1 Habourfront Walk #B2-28
Tel: 6376 9595
Email: garudapadang2@tunglok.com
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm (last order at 9.30pm)
Website: www.garudapadang.com

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