Fruit Paradise @ Orchard Central

I love my fruit juices. I try to drink fresh fruit and/or vegetable juices everyday. And no, those that add sugar syrups don't count. I actually have a relationship with my regular juice store auntie and uncle because I see them everyday.

Mr "Harvest The Crops", Mr Motormouth and I stopped by this upmarket fruit juice cafe for some thirst quenchers before our company's Chinese New Year dinner.

Mr "Harvest The Crops" and I got the Orange and Grapefruit Juice (left) and Mr Motormouth got the Juice of the Day (right), a blend of banana, kiwi, orange and grapefruit. Refreshing and naturally delicious! Each juice is $4.50, but the second cup costs only $2.40.

A quick guide to the health benefits of the various fruits.

Orange: Increases body's immunity levels, combats cancer, heart-friendly, protects lungs
Banana: Heart-friendly, prevents constipation, strengthens bones, relieves coughs, controls blood pressure
Grapefruit: Heart-friendly, promotes weight-loss, prevents stroke, prostate cancer, lowers cholesterol
Kiwi: Improves skin complexion, prevents constipation, protects lungs, prevents colon cancer

Fruit Paradise
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central #05-51/52
Tel: 6509 9920
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm

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