Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Food Centre

The Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Market & Food Centre exemplifies the adage "good things come in small packages". A modestly-sized hawker centre annexed to a wet market, it's got quite a number of excellent eats. We went there in search of a notable kway chap stall, and inadvertently discovered a couple of hawker gems in the progress.

ABC Popiah

This stall caught our eye, because, endorsements by an ex-president were plastered all over its shop front. While this contains no lard, it's so. freaking. delicious. It's my current pick for the best Popiah ($1.50) in SG, thin chewy skin, and abundant in chopped crabsticks, mushroom duxelle, stewed turnip, crunchy beansprouts, shredded lettuce, diced boiled eggs, and biscuit crumbs.

The stall facade for reference.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 10pm; Closed on Mondays
Tel: 6256 1737 / 9742 8879


93 Wu Xiang Xia Bing

We Peranakans call this local fast-dying-out hawker dish "kwan chang", but I recently learned that most locals call this 'ngoh hiang' or 'wu xiang', its moniker taking after its star ingredient. Like the popiah before, this was also the best kwan chang on the island, and thus, a must-try. The Hubs has been known to takeaway up to 10 of them meat-rolls ($1 for each Ngoh Hiang). And that awesome chilli sauce, potent and punchy with a hint of sour tang. Also delicious are the fishcake ($0.50) Luncheon Meat ($0.70 each), and Fried Beancurd ($0.70).

The stall front

Open Fridays to Wednesdays from 12noon to 9pm; Closed Thursdays


Kuey Chap

So apparently, this no-name stall is the star attraction of the intrepid little hawker centre. The queue started forming 10 minutes before it even opened, and because the stallowner was late in setting up, the line was 15 persons deep by the time the stall lights came on for business.

The Kway Chap here was very much milder than most other places, so if you have a delicate palate, you might just prefer this. I love light clear flavours, but even I thought it was a smidge insipid. I think I'm gonna stick to my favourite go-to Lao San at Ang Mo Kio instead.

The Rice Noodles ($0.60) dunked in a watered down broth, was slippery smooth. The innards were cleaned well, so we enjoyed chewing on the Big Intestines ($1.20 for single portion). The Braised Pork Belly ($1.20 for single portion), Egg ($0.50 each) and Beancurd ($0.60 per piece) were faultless as well. And we loved the chilli, bright and piquant and lent a hefty kick to the mild taste of the braise.

The stall front.

Open Tuesdays to Wednesdays, and Fridays to Sundays from 5.30pm to 11pm


Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Market & Food Centre

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