Joe's Thai Kitchen

Joe's Kitchen, for some inexplicable reason, is hugely popular. It's purportedly a favourite lunch-time haunt of many in the Alexandra hinterland, and it packs in a full house every lunch/dinner-time, but I don't get it. Granted, it's cheap, but the food is insipid and ingredients less than sparkling fresh.  

The Panang Curry Chicken ($11.90) was creamy but lacking in oomph. The chicken, while succulent, had a hint of artificial tenderizer that the curry failed to mask.

The Tom Yum Nam Kone Seafood ($7.50) was dreadful. The soup was adequately sour but lacking in a heaty spice to balance out the sour notes. The prawns were tasteless, the squid was overcooked and the mackerel slices were awfully fishy.

The Deep Fried Garlic Pork ($11.90) passed muster, tender meat and those fried garlic bits were very yummy.

A Chinese-cze char dish, the Hotplate Seafood Beancurd ($12.90) was decent, but skip the squid and fish.

The only worthwhile dish, the Phad Thai ($6.50) was well-balanced and punchy, the noodles imbued with a lovely smoky char from the wok.

Joe's Thai Kitchen
Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Tel: 6270 8484
Open daily from 11am to 3pm for lunch; 5pm to 10pm for dinner
Website: joesthaikitchen.com

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