FOC by Nandu Jubany, Hongkong Street

So I finally made it back to FOC, to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday. We made it a women'only affair, so we could ogle freely (because, no husbands) at the hotties at work behind the open-concept kitchen. 

The menu's been refreshed, and slightly extended, but the food's still delicious. The restaurant's just as buzzy, and crazy popular as before, so be sure to make reservations before going down.

The Sauteed Cauliflower ($14) with pine nuts, grated cheese, pesto and spring onions, was delicate and restrained.

A refreshing starter, the Watermelon Gazpacho ($12) was made creamy with smoked olive oil ice-cream.

A special of the day, the Avocado Gazpacho ($20) was sweetened with sweet prawns and caviar.

Beautiful silky ribbons of Iberico Ham ($30).

Which perfectly married the Toasted Bread with Tomatoes ($9.60).

A favourite of mine, the Open Tortilla ($26), almost crepe-like, was loaded with peppers and iberico ham.

An East-West fusion tapas, the Grilled Scallops ($16 for 2) was topped with soy "caviar" and bonito stock for maximum umami-ness.

Brinner-done-right, the Scrambled Eggs & Potatoes ($11) with chorizo was finessed fantastically.

Spain'a answer to Belgium's pomme frites, the Patata Bravas ($8) was served with dollops of aioli and pepper cream for added punch.

The Octopus Galician Style ($22), slow-cooked and charcoal grilled, then dusted with paprika and set atop mashed potatoes, was lusicous and smoky.

The Suckling Pig Terrine ($35) was contrasted with poached onion ice-cream and celeriac puree. Not my thing.

The Grilled Iberico Pork Ribs ($30), deboned for our convenience, was served with smoked pumpkin puree. Beautiful charring, and sumptuous flavour. A must-try here.

The Lamb Chops ($22), seasoned with curry yoghurt and an eggplant puree, was perfectly moist and succulent.

A seasonal off-menu item, the Cuttlefish & Saffron Fiduea ($30) with scampi, was yummy. Excellent charring on the bottom of the pan.

The Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Paella ($24) was moreish but nuanced, and the seafood swimmingly fresh.

A dud of a dessert, the Flaming Rum Baba ($14) with Chantilly ice-cream, was dry at parts which the ice-cream didn't get to.

The FOC Mini Chocolate Burger ($12) was more kitsch than anything, and looked cute but wasn't worthwhile.

The Spanish French Toast ($10) with caramel, cookie bits, and homemade vanilla ice-cream was the best dessert of the night. Fluffy and eggy and coated with cinnamon sugar, this was sinfully yummy.

And we got a complimentary brownie, which was surprisingly good, when the staff learned that we were dining over our girlfriend's birthday.

FOC by Nandu Jubany
40 Hong Kong Street
Tel: 6100 4040
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 1am; Closed on Sundays


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