Bakery on O'Connell, Adelaide

Our #1 Australia-holiday tradition is hunting for and eating meat pies. It's our favourite Australian comfort food, and we can never get worthy alternatives back home in SG.Really, no visit Down Under is complete without "stuffing our pie-holes with pie".

So, we were in Adelaide city, and heard of the award-winning, very literally named, Bakery on O'Connell. Their pies at priced at A$5 each, and we bought a bunch of them for tea. I didn't think it was possible to have a bad pie in Oz, but by golly, these were the worst pies we've ever had. The pastry was lacking in that buttery flaky texture, and the fillings were insipid; what an utter wash out.

The bakery may have been great, but that was once upon a time, and that time has long passed. Suffice it to say, we didn't finish the pies.

The red wine sauce was too sweet and unbalanced against the dry, stringy stodgy beef in the Chunky Steak. A most one-dimensional pie.

The best thing about the Chunky Steak & Mushroom Pie was the mushrooms. We picked those out and left everything else.

The Potato & Beef Mince Pie was awful: the potato was so powdery there was no way it didn't come straight out of an instant mix. The mince was better than the chunky steak cubes, but it was still far from decent.

The lurid Chicken & Corn Pie tasted as bad as it looked, the chicken reeked of artificial tenderizer, and that highlighter yellow cream was gloppy and flavourless.

It's open 24-hours if you're really desperate for food.

Bakery on O'Connell
128 O'Connell Stree
North Adelaide
South Australia SA 5006
Tel: 8361 7377
Open daily for 24 hours
Website: www.bakeryonoconnell.com.au

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