Jumbo Yakitori Nenohi Izakaya, Tokyo

Nenohi Izakaya was a recommendation of the hotel's concierge, who told us that it was her favourite spot to unwind after work. It's a little easier to find than Onegi, as it's located right in the middle of Yakitori Alley. But being where the action is also means that the space is a lot more squeezy, and let's just say that there's never been a better time to be petite and skinny than in an izakaya like this.

Cramped tables aside, service is faster, because each skewer is served individually, and not all at one go like in Onegi.

As with Onegi before, also order the tomato beer, its refreshing lift is a perfect counterpoint to the smoky char of the grilled sumiyaki.

The Edamame (JPY400) here was boiled more thoroughly so it was less raw, and served warm instead of chilled like in Onegi. I prefer this rendition.

The Quails Egg (JPY170) was cooked perfectly, soft and lightly salted. Dip it in the spicy bean sauce for extra oomph.

Dripping with luscious juices, the Pork Sausage (JPY170) was lipsmackingly good.

Succulent Chicken (JPY170) that was well-marinated.

The Shitake Mushroom (JPY310) was earthy and juicy.

The Tsukune (JPY270) a pork ball skewer of minced meat and herbs, was fantastic, but we liked Onegi's version better for its balance.

The restaurant front for reference.

Jumbo Yakitori Nenohi Izakaya
2-3-3 Yurakucho
Tel: 03 3571 9132
Open daily from 6pm to 1am

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