Seah Street Deli, Raffles Hotel

Seah Street Deli is one of the stalwarts of American Diner cuisine. The BF and I used to eat here once a week because we were so hooked on their burgers and fish and chips. That's the thing, we will go through periods of cravings which will last a few months whereby we end up frequenting a restaurant just about every week. Then the cravings switch off. We don't develop an aversion, we just "go back to being normal" and patronise the restaurant with about the same frequency as most other people.

We haven't been here for a while, but it was lovely when the staff still recognised us when we stepped in for dinner one night. I mean, they remembered our favourite table, how's that for service?

We got the Mac and Cheese ($17.50) and opted for an additional topping of roasted chicken to share. Seah Street Deli does one of the best renditions of this classic American comfort food around. The creamy cheese was baked to a golden-hued perfection and had a nuanced richness.The roasted chicken added extra texture and balanced the sweetness of the cheese with its savoury flavours.

The BF chose the Broadway ($25), a combination of a quarter roasted chicken and half rack baby pork ribs. As usual, we switched the potato wedges with mashed potatoes instead. The tender ribs were nicely glazed with a spiced bbq sauce. This was obviously marinated for a while, because the meat was completely infused with flavour. It was the same with the chicken breast, and although we weren't fans of breast meat, we liked that it was surprisingly moist.

I got my fave, the SSD Fish & Chips ($22), and opted for the chips to be replaced with mashed potatoes as well. Seah Street Deli does a very commendable rendition of mashed potatoes, no instant powder mix here. This was very rustic and hearty, not too whipped, so it retains a chunky texture. The cheese-crusted dory fillet was, as usual, very fresh and flaky. But that's the nature of dory fish, it keeps really well and stays fresh for really long periods.

We also got a side of Sauteed Mushrooms ($7), assorted shitake with white and brown button mushrooms lightly sauteed with olive oil and aromatic herbs. I love the heady earthiness of this dish. 

Seah Street Deli
Raffles Hotel
1 Beach Road
Tel: 6337 1886
Open Sundays to Thursdays and Public Holidays from 11am to 10pm, Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public Holidays from 11am to 11pm

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