Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant, Suntec City

Our regular after-work running sessions were halted when the BF underwent lasik. Doing away with the hassle of using contact lens and/or wearing spectacles is such a liberating experience. I'm all for lasik. It may seem scary at first, because erm, there is a very very very slim chance that you may go blind. More so after the ophthalmologist explains every single risk and complication arising from the operation (I've noticed that doctors in general will explain the risks of any procedure in more detail after they find out that you're a lawyer). But having done it myself, and having known many who have undergone it, I'm of the opinion that it's the best 4,000 bucks I've ever spent on myself.

It's been a week since his op, and since the doc gave the go-ahead for exercise, we ran to Suntec after work today for dinner.

The BF wanted to eat dim sum, so we popped into Imperial Treasure. Unfortunately, they only had the Shanghainese dim sum by the time we got there, so we decided to order from the main menu instead.

We got the Braised E-fu Noodle with Chives ($10.50). The noodles were slippery and smooth, braised with white button mushrooms and chives for that fresh flavour.

I wanted porridge so I ordered the Mushroom Chicken Congee ($6.50), the porridge was watery, smooth and delicate, chock-full of succulent chicken pieces and thick slices of Chinese black mushrooms. You know, the BF used to hate porridge in the past. To him, it was sick-person-food. Now, because I love porridge, he also loves porridge. That's the thing about being one-half of a couple. You somehow end up adopting each other's likes and dislikes. I also used to hate eating fish because of the bones, but now, I actually crave steamed fish once a while.

 I also got one of my favourite soups, the Beancurd Thick Soup with Seafood ($7), a starchy, delicate and light soup with loads of crunchy prawns, fresh scallops, silky beancurd cubes, sweet melon cubes, mushrooms and egg white drops.

We also ordered veggies, the Oyster Sauce Baby Bok Choy (Bai Cai Miao) ($12), crunchy and sweet green leafy vegetables with a good slathering of rich and sticky oyster sauce.

7 June 2010

A quick update: Please note that they've closed this outlet down. The only available Nan Bei restaurants are at Takashimaya and Tampines

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City #B1-011
Tel: 6339 3118
Open daily from 10am to 11pm

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