Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & Porridge

You know, when I first started this food blog, I'd only ever taken photos with the automatic function on my trusty Canon Ixus camera. I had never heard of the "digital macro" function or tinkered with the various modes of lighting and didn't know that the exposure could be adjusted to change the lighting of the photos. Heck, I don't think I even read the manual!

I've got my friends to thank for teaching me the intricacies of my camera and the basics of photography. Beeps' hubs taught me how to dim my flash when taking pictures in very low lights by using a translucent tissue paper to cover the flash. Kel for sitting me down after court one day to give me the 101 on photography and how to use post-photography tools to post-operatively amend my pictures.

Since then, I've started tinkering with Picasa and the pictures below are the results!

We tookaway from Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice to supplement one of the many many CNY dinners. I think we all badly needed a change from the usual steamboat dinners. This was one of the few restaurants that was open for business by the second day of CNY. Which was why there was a whopping 20% surcharge on the food. However, this was balanced out by the fact that there wasn't any service charge (usually at 10%) or GST (at 7%).

We got Steamed Chickens ($24 each) that was fresh, juicy and succulent. It was great that it wasn't too fatty either. These were packed in very innovative packaging, there were handles on the plastic trays for easy takeaways!

We also packed the Flavoured Rice ($0.60 per bowl), which was blander than Thien Kee's version, (I suspect the rice wasn't fried before boiling it in chicken stock) but this balanced out the saltiness of the soy-sesame marinade sauce of the chicken nicely.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & Porridge
No. 244P Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6455 4188
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 3am and Sundays from 11am to 12 midnight
Website: www.fivestarchickenrice.com

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